Mission, Vision and Values


Recer takes part in and is helping to build a society that is founded on wellbeing and quality, providing the best decorative ceramic solutions and developing a dynamic service that is an integral part of the building sector, with due respect for the environment.

Since its inception, Recer has followed a coherent and determined strategy, with the aim of becoming a leader in the Portuguese ceramic floor and wall tiles market, as well one of the major international companies in the sector.


Recer’s visionary and realistic approach has allowed the company to establish itself firmly in national and international markets.

The ability to look at the business reality from the perspective of our own culture, our own competencies and abilities, so that we can project a targeted and internationally differentiated approach across the various continents, underlies our business ideal – Think locally and act globally.

The key elements of Recer’s success are quality, innovation, respect for the Environment and solid partnerships with clients, suppliers, the state and other entities.

In terms of social objectives, the company aims to be a driving force for local development and is guided by balancing the interests of shareholders, workers and the local community. 

- Professional pride in our work;
- Flexibility, in adapting to the needs of our clients;
- Innovation, in the organisation of our work, design and technology;
- Team spirit, in both internal and external partnerships;
- Entrepreneurialism, in targeting results at the creation of wealth;
- Social and environmental responsibility, by contributing to people’s quality of life and the protection of the environment.