Quality and Environment

In the perpetual quest for Good Service and in line with the expectations of its clients, Recer has been applying and developing new management and organisational techniques.

Recer is internationally recognised through the certifications NP EN ISO 9001:2000 by SGS, NF UPEC by CSTB and, more recently, NP EN ISO 14001:2004 by SGS, which confirm the production of quality ceramic floor and wall tiles and the commitment to environmental sustainability.
The concepts of ‘lean management’ and ‘lean production’ are also a regular presence in Recer’s day-to-day activities, to guarantee the best interaction between product specialisation, improvement of processes, low consumption of natural resources and use of processing technologies that minimise energy consumption.

  • Ceramics - Portugal does it better
  • Certificate of Conformity ISO 9001:2008
  • Certificate of Conformity ISO 14001:2012
  • Certificate NF-UPEC
    of Product Quality - CSTB in France
  • ECOLUB - Environment-friendly company
  • Certification
    At the end of their life, Recer products are a construction and demolition waste (CDW) material which must be deal with according to current legal stipulations
  • Declaration of Environmental Sustainability