Recer History

Heir to the centuries-old Portuguese tradition of working with stoneware with the art and care of master craftsmen, since its inception on 23rd September 1977 Recer has been one of the finest examples of combining material and immaterial elements in its business activity.

Based in Oliveira do Bairro, an area rich in reserves of high-quality clay, Recer embarked on a new phase in its history after 1985. Since then, Recer has developed a dynamic and innovative management philosophy which from the first helped the company achieve a distinguished position in the world of Portuguese ceramics.  Recer strives to fit its products to the profile of consumers, in particular in the field of product personalization, and above all to invest in creating different and better products: pieces which create atmospheres that champion aesthetics and a sense of wellbeing.

Today, Recer is also developing an activity whose raw materials are heavy minerals and which operates in a sector where the readiness of the competition and the demands of consumers require unrelenting efforts at improvement to survive in the market, by resorting to immaterial factors. For Recer, apart from physical production, understanding the role of the galaxy of services that surround the industrial product will always be vital. Recer is a service industry, served by an advanced industry.

Quality control is another principle that is both essential to consistently guarantee results and a differentiating competitive factor. Today, Recer is a modern company, well able to control distribution and at the same time rationalize resources effectively, offering the market porcelain stoneware, white paste monoporosa wall tiles and stoneware floor tiles that are made from carefully selected raw materials and are painstakingly designed so they can be adapted to different world markets.

  • Partnership with Ana Salazar
  • Partnership with Graça Viterbo
  • Raw Materials
  • Preparation of Pastes
  • Kerajet - Inkjet Technology
  • Cogeneration
  • Tintómetro
  • Double Pressing
  • Dry Colouring Process
  • Rotary Serigraphy
  • Kiln
  • Rectification Line
  • 3rd Firing Kiln
  • 3rd Firing Kiln
  • Palletisation
  • Automated Warehouse
  • WWTP - Wastewater Treatment Plant