For the 2nd year in a row RECER is a “Five Star” brand

Consisting of a total of 84 wall and porcelain tiles, the Sphata series was judged to be a “Five Star Wall and Floor Tile Product”.
With its wide range of styles of relief, colours and formats, it can be used to coordinate floor and wall and thus create integrated settings, or it can be mixed with other materials like paint, wood and stone.
A highly versatile multi-format series, inspired by the concept of ‘handmade’ spatulated stucco.

“Five Stars” Award
The “Five Stars” Award is intended to single out the best products and services on the market, assess the main criteria that influence consumers in their buying decisions: satisfaction through experimenting; price-quality relation; intention to buy; trust in the brand, and finally, innovation. An assessment committee, experimental tests and large-scale questionnaires lead to brands being honoured with the Five Stars accolade.