Part of a business group that is a structural element for the various industries in the construction materials sector, in terms of added value, employment and revenue, Recer adheres to solid strategic beliefs, a tradition of analysing all management indicators and a vast knowledge of the markets.

Set up as the strategic planning centre for a group of companies in the world of ceramics and related businesses, RECER Investimentos, SGPS, S.A. manages shareholdings in a wide range of areas and sectors, including metallurgy, projects and design, structural ceramics, finishing ceramics, concrete products and industrial automation, cogeneration systems, graphic arts and communication.

Today, Recer SGPS, S.A. is the largest economic group in the municipality Oliveira do Bairro and one of the largest in the central region of Portugal.


Business Activities

Finishing ceramics>
> Recer - Indústria de Revestimentos Cerâmicos, S.A.
> Gresco - Grés de Coimbra, S.A.
> Modicer - Moda Cerâmica, S.A.

Structural and prestressed ceramics
> Blodal - Indústria de Pré-esforçados, Lda.
> Cerpol - Empresa Cerâmica Portugal, S.A.
> Solcer - Empresa Cerâmica, S.A.
Industrial and automation equipment
> Metalcértima - Indústria Metalomecânica, S.A.
> SA - Soluções em Automação, S.A.

  Publication and production of promotional goods and services
> Procer - Edições e Comunicação, S.A.