1. Can I download images of the tiles in jpg or bmp?
Yes. Images are available with a maximum of 400 pixels, but first they have to be used in a programme environment. They are available at: C:\Programas\3D Superb\3D Superb\materials\...\textures and C:\Programas\3D Superb\3D Superb\materials\...\icons
2. The program installation shows an error message!
This may be due to several reasons.

The most frequent are:

- pop-up box blocker: Check that you do not have an active pop-up box blocker or a blocking option on in your Firewall.

- Proxy Problem:

Deactivate your Proxy for a moment or inform your IT department to allow access to the areas https://www.3dsuperb.com.

- Another alternative is to try and use this application: https://support.3dsuperb.com/Sup_ProxyDoctor.exe which may help you install the programme.

- Active X Components and "Plug-ins":

you must allow Windows and Internet Explorer to install these components so that the programme download is completed. You must guarantee a Medium security level during installation in your MS Internet Explorer
3. I cannot start the application.

If you have not registered before, please check your Internet connection. If the problem persists, you may have to connect to the Internet again.

4. Do I need to be connected all the time?
No, you only need to be connected to enter the programme; after that you can work offline. However, if you want to see all your products offline you must be online first to download them into your computer.
5. I forgot my Login or Password.
Register again and keep this information in a safe place.
6. Downloading is very slow.
This depends on your Internet connection. If you have a telephone connection (Dial-UP - 56Kbs), we recommend trying again at a less busy time.
7. Is there any material that gives instructions as to how to work with this tool?
Yes, at TUTORIAL there are "step-by-step" instructions to help you use the tool.
8. I cannot see or apply a selected product.
If it is a new product and you have not selected it before, you must be online to do this.
9. May I design my own space?
Yes. You just need the exact sizes of the room and draw it.
10. Is it possible to print the designs?
Yes. The top part of the programme shows different icons. You just need to click on the printer icon.
11. May I have a list of the products used in my project?
Yes, in 3D mode the top part of the programme shows a papersheet icon which corresponds to the report; this is where you can find all information regarding products, materials and 3D.
12. Does the tool recognise AutoCAD plans?
Yes, but only support AutoCAD R12 file versions and its usually available only in Professional Version. In the upper part, it appears one Icon with the name of AutoCAD, click it and use the tool in this system.
13. My graphics card doesn't support 3D-Acceleration.
Verify that your video adapter supports Direct 3D, and then verify that you are using the most current drivers from your video adapter manufacturer and not a generic driver. For more detailed information, read Microsoft suggestions at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/191660/en-us