Nature is the biggest creator of beauty, and wood is an example of its genius. Recer has been inspired by the timeless beauty of different types of wood to launch 5 collections that encourage new applications and increase the versatility and functionality of Recer’s product range.

Pitch Pine is an extremely realistic, sophisticated and elegant wood. The different, irregular veins of the wood stand out, and stretched knots sometimes appear too. It is an ideal ceramic solution for spaces with a contemporary feel.

With Magis Wood, what stands out is its colour, the details in the knots and the sinuous veins of each block. The beige colour of the base is marked with knots and veins in several shades of brown, from coral brown to blackened brown, giving the material momentum. The result is a modern and striking flooring solution.

Solid Wood is a classic, refined, noble, elegant and highly appreciated wood. It is very versatile in its use, since it is a timeless wood, chosen when looking for nobility and quality. The boldness of Solid Wood is the realism of its design and its colour, with a feel suitable for interiors.

Heritage is a classic, refined and striking wood. It has sinuous veins making it welcoming, ideal for interior spaces. Heritage is available in 2 warm colours: these colours make the most of the veins and best respect the original wood.

Nigrum is a transformed wood that has been created to meet the needs of architecture and interior design. It has a darker version, where the veins are blacker, helping it give spaces a touch of modernity, whether for residential or commercial/hotel use.

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