In the beginning, there’s only dust

Then, it’s as if this dust embarks on this journey round the world to pick up the latest trends and nurture the most creative design. Finally, with the power of state-of-the art technology, it takes on form, texture, colour and life. And such a simple raw material is transformed into such aesthetically and technically sophisticated pieces. That give rise to beautiful, functional and timeless environments that are nice to live, work and simply be in. The magic happens and perfection is born from the dust.



At Recer, we are proud of our experience as specialists in ceramic floor and wall tiles. Since 1977 we have been fired up and working with our eyes fixed on the future! As we have many strings to our bow, we can anticipate trends and meet all demands, at any time, in all markets.

But we always want to go further. Committing to new technology, investing in design and innovation to find pioneering solutions, this is in our DNA. Not to mention quality and environmental sustainability, two key principles for us.

And this is why we are still market leaders.
Because we think ahead.


Excellence is what we fight for every day

Certification is not an end in itself, for us. It is the beginning of an even higher level of demand, and it is reflected in our daily management. In addition to being certified in the fields of quality, environment and product compliance, Recer is a pioneer when it comes to applying the principles of lean production and is regularly audited by independent bodies.

Quality Management System Certificate
Environmental Management System Certificate
QB Certificate – UPEC Product Compliance Certificate – CSTB
Ponto Verde (Recycling) Certificate


Those who rely on a natural resource have no choice but to respect nature.

At Recer, sustainable production is an ongoing objective. This requires relentless effort in a number of areas:

Energy efficiency by optimising our processes and upgrading equipment in order to reduce energy consumption, and through the cogeneration of electrical and thermal energy;
Reducing water consumption by focusing on treatment and reuse;
Reducing consumption of geologically derived raw materials by cutting waste and turning it into usable resources;
Using environmentally friendly packaging (recyclables derived from recycled materials) and pallets made of responsibly sourced wood, in accordance with FAO regulations;
Using low emission energy sources;
Treating gaseous effluent;
Contributing to healthy and sustainable buildings through the high durability of our products, which do not emit VOCs or other substances.


Value proposition

INDOB, based in Portugal, manages a diversified portfolio of companies in areas as distinct as industrial equipment, automation, ceramics, graphic arts or detection of business opportunities.

It develops a business strategy that combines the experience of its staff with a culture of innovation that allows the management of mature businesses as well as businesses with high growth potential.

The value proposal involves the preservation of its assets, the sustained growth of its subsidiaries, the capacity for execution and the well-being of the communities and regions where it operates.

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